Why Guitar Rig 6 and why record your guitar into your audio interface?

Of course many people would prefer to record their guitars with a lot of fancy recording gear. On big fat jucy guitar amps and pedals…. But let’s be honest, this simply isn’t always an option. Or rather it’s almost never an option because you need to have the room and money. Also I believe it takes a lot more know-how to record electric guitars nicely with a microphone. So if you don’t have this, you should not let it stop you from creating your music.

Recording your guitar digitally is just a lot more versatile and fool proof! So always leave that option on the table.


About the video content:

In this video I show my step by step approach to recording and mixing clean and atmospheric electric guitar directly into my DAW (Reaper). For this video I used Native instruments Guitar Rig 6 as my amp simulator. And Soundtoys and Valhalla VintageVerb to further sculpt my guitar sound.
Hopefully this video wil not only be useful to guitarists looking for a different way to create their tone, but also to new music producers and mixing engineers.


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Below are the timestamps for the video in case you want to skip to a certain part or want to revisit a step.

0:00 – About the guitar sound
0:37 – The final guitar sound
0:57 – Chaning the dry guitar with Guitar Rig 6 & EQ + Compression
3:40 – Adding some bite through parallel distortion with SoundToys Decapitator
6:52 – Processing both tracks in a folder/bus
7:31 – Adding slight reverb with Little Plate by Soundtoys
10:38 – Adding a Ping pong delay for stereo interest (Echoboy by Soundtoys)
13:36 – Adding a long reverb to the delayed signal (Valhalla VintageVerb)

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