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How not to record music:

This weekend I started to set up things in my soon to become music production and recording room. But while it was completely empty, I also got a suddon influx of inspiration. I felt the need to write a new piece of music and record it in the room while there was still no acoustic treatment and sound absorbing panels.
Normally you would not record music in this kind of a situation, because generally speaking you don’t want the room sound to leak in your recording. Especially not if your room has a very ugly echo sound to it. For example, just imagine recording your song, and in the background you hear the cold and ugly sound of parking garage.
When you’re room sound has unwantingly leaked into your recording, then this limits your options for when it comes to using reverb en delays. Because just imagine: how are you going to place your audio that sounds like it is played in a parking garage, into a different place like a church or something. In other words you conpletely lose the control over the sound.

Of course there are situations where do you want the room sound in your recording. That is for example in concert halls or good studio’s that have an excellent sounding reverb. In this case you want to fully use this natural sound of the hall or room.

An extra danger of recording your music in an empty room is the fact that certain frequencies are being emphasized. While others will get masked. Especially low and low-mid frequencies receive a significant boost in your recording. These frequencies you will later need to attenuate when you are mixing your audio.


About the song

The song in this episode is taken from my episode on the Aeolian mode. Or as we call it natural minor. The chord progression example that I composed inspired me a lot. So I decided to make it into a full song. You can listen to it on my Buy Me a Coffe supporters page.

I encourage you to watch the episode on Aeolian chord progressions. It will not dissapoint!


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