You’re Somebody Else song analysis

How did Flora Cash write such a beautiful sad song filled with bitter sweet melancholy and heartfelt lyrics? The first time I heard the song You’re somebody else it touched me straight away. Maybe it’s the delicate musical performance, or maybe it’s the honest songwriting.

In this songwriting and music analysis series called ‘What I Learned From’, I analyse music to find songwriting and composition techniques that you can use for writing your own music. In this episode I will analyse the song You’re Somebody Else by Flora Cash. Honest and intimate song has many songwriting tricks that we can learn from and use to create music for ourselves.


About the series ‘What I Learned From’:

What I Learned From is a songwriting and music analysis series. I analyse music to find techniques and aspects that interest me and catch my attention. I try to deliver this information in a as concise manner as possible. This way you can easily use all information to create music and not be distracted by complicated music theory.


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