What I Learned From: Foo Fighters – Rope song analysis

What makes the Foo Fighers so good? And what secret lies behind their energetic musical power?
More important how as a rock band do they manage to write songs that appeal to a very large and extremely diverse audience? Do they use special music theory to write their songs?

In this songwriting and music analysis series called ‘What I Learned From’, I analyse music to find songwriting and composition techniques that you can use for writing your own music. In this episode I will analyse the song Rope from the album Waisting Light by the Foo Fighters.
I will show you my favorite part where they use secondary dominant chords, and not ordinary ones, but secondary dominants in first inversion. Apart from that I will also dive into some of the other Foo Fighters songwriting techniques that we can learn.


About the series ‘What I Learned From’:

What I Learned From is a songwriting and music analysis series. I analyse music to find techniques and aspects that interest me and catch my attention. I try to deliver this information in a as concise manner as possible. This way you can easily use all information to create music and not be distracted by complicated music theory.


Apart from the Rope song analysis video, here are some of my other music analysis videos.





► Link to the song Rope by the Foo Fighters:



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