Transpose a melody to create exciting new ones

How to write a good melody is something that we all struggle with. It is by far one of the more abstract aspects of making music, because where does a melody come from?
In this new video series I will show you simple and hands on tips for creating and developing your melody.

Each technique will have it’s own episode to avoid too much music theory in one video. But all of them focus on a very practical way of writing a better melody. In this one we talk about the composition technique called: Transposing a melody to create variation.


From all of the melody writing techniques that I show I think this one is probably the most intuitive. It is easy to use and apply, because by simply following the underlying chord progression or harmony you already have enough tones to work with and what direction to take. So you just transpose a melody accordingly. This create variation in your melodies, that perfectly follows the music that was already written! And I would bet that most likely you are already applying this technique unknowingly. That means without knowing the music theory behind it all.

In any case, this technique is very light for when it comes to the music theory that you need to understand. So what’s keeping you from experimenting and having some fun?


This video is part of a melody writing series that I made. All of these videos are aimed at giving you techniques to change and adjust your melodies. This way you will never get stuck.

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