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Connecting melodic phrases

Creating and connecting a melodic phrase is probably one of the most forgotten techniques for when it comes to making a better melody. It can feel like a more technical and maybe even theoretical fix, but trust me, it is worth the time learning this melodic technique.

This is the last part of my melodic series about simple and hands on tips for creating and developing your melody. Each technique had it’s own episode to avoid too much music theory in one video. But all of them focus on a very practical way of writing a better melody. In this one we talk about the composition technique called: Creating and Connecting melodic phrases.

So does this sound a bit technical and maybe even music theory heavy? Well, in the beginning I think this technique is a bit tricky to learn. Because nowadays we are very used to writing melodies that fit in a certain squared box so to say. We are not used to making and writing longer melodies. In this case the easiest way to achieve this is by connecting melodic phrases to create one long melody.

Does it still sound strange after a while? Try tweaking some notes here and there. And try to keep the rhythm more uniform, so that you don’t hear the connecting parts that much.

I hope to see more long melodies in the future!

This video is part of a melody writing series that I made. All of these videos are aimed at giving you techniques to change and adjust your melodies. This way you will never get stuck.

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