Change your melody by removing and extending notes

Learning how to write a melody is one of the most important things in music. But learning how to adjust your melodies and make more music out of them is just as important.
In this new video series I will show you simple and hands on tips for creating and developing your melody.

Each technique will have it’s own episode to avoid too much music theory in one video. But all of them focus on a very practical way of writing a better melody. In this one we talk about the composition technique of Removing and Extending notes.

Ultimately by removing beginning and ending notes you create a new melodic countour en also multiple melodic phrases. And the great thing is, you don’t even have to write any new melodies. You just use and vary what you already have!

This technique might feel a bit too methodical or too music theory heavy, but I can assure you, that once you start playing around with it and start ‘feeling’ the new melodies it will open new worlds. And the best thing is you will not get stuck again when you write a melody. As I always say: music theory is your friend and you should use it to make you more creative and get you back to the things that matter most. Which is making music of course! You should never forget this.


This video is part of a melody writing series that I made. All of these videos are aimed at giving you techniques to change and adjust your melodies. This way you will never get stuck.

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