My thoughts on Lydian chord progressions:

The musical modes can be quite daunting or confusing in the beginning. Especially when you’re just jumping into music theory. But I promise that I can break it down for you and make it interesting for beginners and intermediates!

The Lydian mode is the harmonic and melodic fundament of many different songs and genres. I truly love writing writing in it. Compared to the other musical modes I think I like Lydian the best.

It’s not without reason that many songwriters, composers and producers like to use it because it’s just so good at conveying a personal message. So of course the question is: why is writing in this mode so effective?


About the video content:

In this video I have prepared four Lydian chord progressions and all of them are in a different style and have a different character. Just like my videos on the Dorian and Phrygian modes. Apart from showing you how to make your own chord progressions, I will also dive into some music theory and tips for creating music with them.


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Below are the timestamps for the video in case you want to skip to a certain part or want to revisit a step.

00:00 – Intro
00:30 – What are the examples?
00:52 – Lydian progression no.1: Film music
01:43 – Adding melody to progression no. 1
02:17 – Lydian progression no.2: Electronic music
03:16 – What chords to use in the Lydian mode
03:54 – Lydian progression no.3: Piano music
04:43 – Lydian progression no.4: Singer songwriter
05:52 – Songwriting tips


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