Have you ever struggled with a melody that just didn’t seem to work no matter what you tried? And a better melody was just never in sight? There are a couple of techniques that can give your melody the extra freedom and interest you’ve been looking for.

How to write a melody that is interesting or fix boring ones is something essential. Writing better melodies is something that we all want. But how do we actually write a good melody that is interesting, rhythmically free and catchy?

I will show you some very easy and often overlooked techniques. They are very logical and you don’t need a lot of music theory knowledge to apply them! If you master the melodic tips from this video it will definitely help you with your future music composing and songwriting.

Here are some tips to remember.
Re-think and rework the entry and exit points of your melody. Experiment with phrases of unequal length.
And avoid starting and ending your melody on too many stable points of the harmonic phrase.


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