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About odd time signatures :

What are irregular time signatures as they’re also called? And more important why and how would you use these time signatures. Odd or irregular time signatures can really change the way a composition or song sounds and is perceived by the audience. But to start using them in your songwriting or composing is not easy. Unfortunately rhythm and meter are not the most popular topics in music theory.  But I truly think this is a waste not keep them in mind, because they can work far more magic than you can ever imagine. Some songs even rely on their rhythmic or metric blueprint when it comes to their recognizability.

In this video I talk about some of the most common odd time signatures and show you how to make them and how to get creative with them in your music! Or even use them solely to write music.


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Below are the timestamps for the video in case you want to skip to a certain part or want to revisit a step.

0:00 – Intro
0:19 – About irregular time signatures
0:44 – 4/4 Chord progression that we will be adjusting
1:10 – How accentuated beats work and how to read time signatures
1:53 – 5/4 time signature example
3:02 – 9/8 time signature example
4:00 – 9/8 made into an irregular time signature
4:53 – 9/8 treated as a 4/4 with an added 8th note
5:48 – 7/4 irregular time signature example
6:52 – Creative beat subdivision in 7/4

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