Modal Chord Progressions Workshop

for Songwriting and Composing

No More Boring Chord Progressions

Are you sick of writing the same chord progressions over and over again? Learn how you can use modal chord progressions to add new flavours to your music.

  • Find your own creative sound
  • Open up new chord possibilities
  • Write amazing melodies
  • Never get stuck again

In This Workshop You Will Learn How To

  • Make a Modal Chord Progression in any key
  • Write and use Modal Chord Progressions
  • Make a melody to your modal chord progression
  • Discover new sounds on a pedal tone

Your Modal Chord Progressions Coach

Hi! My name is Xander and I am a composer, Songwriter and Music educator with a degree in music composition. I teach many students all over the world via private music classes and via my YouTube channel, Learning Music Skills.

As a composer, educator and content creator, my goal is to share all aspects of the process of making music. I want to give everyone the tools necessary to be able to understand, enjoy and create music. No matter the genre or skill level.

I’m an expert in making difficult topics easy to understand. I break down complicated concepts into practical bite-size songwriting and composition techniques that you can use.

Songwriting coach Xander Slikker