Making chord progressions:

There are so many ways to write chord progressions, but not all are easy. So is there an easy technique for writing chord progressions? Today I’ll be talking about a technique that will be useful to beginners, as well as intermediate musicians and composers. And I call it ‘The one chord technique’! Learn how to write chord progressions by using just one chord as a basic resource! And I guarantee it will generate great results in any style or genre. Just a quick disclaimer this video will not be about functional harmony.


The beautiful thing about this technique is that it can be used for any style of music. And the great thing is that you automatically get a nice variety between major and minor chords. So this automatically creates somekind of balance.
Also this technique allows you to make the progressions as long or as short as you want. 

Together with some songwriting and music theory tips, this video is for menat for beginners and more intermediate musicians. But of course if you are a more advanced musician or composer this could still be an interesting topic and technique.


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