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Why compound intervals?

What do writing Indie Music, Film Music and Pop Music have in common? Is there a shortcut for how to write intimate, emotional and beautiful music? To mention all three of them in one sentence seems strange but it’s not. Today i’m going to be talking about a technique that immediately creates an inspirational sound. And you can simply stop there or use this technique to take your music even a step further.

A lot of music nowadays uses the same songwriting technique, which is compound thirds. Compound thirds are the same as normal third intervals, but then with an octave inbetween them. And yet this aspect creates it’s warm and useful sound.
In this video I show you how to write Indie, Film and Pop music using just this technique. And I advise you to not stop there, but explore how compound intervals can be used in any other style. As always, along the way I will give some extra music theory & songwriting tips and some ideas that you can use to write music.


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Below are the timestamps for the video in case you want to skip to a certain part or want to revisit a step.

0:00 – Intro
0:24 – Songwriting & composing music theory
1:12 – Indie music example
1:41 – Where I got the chord progression from
1:55 – Intimate piano film music
2:25 – Use it for Looping!
2:58 – Film music example with added film
04:07 – Pop / Dance music example

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